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Sectional Doors

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Sectional Doors

Star Garage Door is an experienced garage door company in Melbourne. Our company offers many garage doors service like garage door installation, garage door repairing etc. You can find different sorts of garage doors like roller doors, tilt a door, timber sectional doors, sectional doors and custom doors. Sectional garage doors consist of multiple panels. These panels slide up when the door is opened. Many people prefer sectional garage doors recently because of their functionality and design. Star Garage Door provides various design options to its clients. Meeting client needs is the most important thing for us. To ensure that, our company offers various colors, styles and designs to you. Exemplary designs can be seen in our website. Installation of the garage door can be done easily by our professional installation team. Our experienced staff has great experience in installing garage doors. Installation can be done in short time period.

Reasons to use sectional doors

There are many advantages of sectional doors. Some garage door systems take up too much space in garages. This could create a problem if you have an SUV or Jeep. Sectional garage doors do not take up much space in your garage. If you have a small garage, sectional garage doors can be a good alternative to your garage. Sectional doors also provide safety to you since they do not swing forward like tilt garage door. This is important because there are lots of accidents reported in the past due to the swinging tilt door. Star Garage Door also offer mechanized sectional doors. Motor can be added to both residential and commercial garage doors. Thanks to door motor, you can easily use your sectional door by only hitting a button! Since Star Garage Door have great experience in garage door business, you can trust our professional and experienced team.


Design and aesthetic appeal are important. Star Garage Door offers various design options to its clients. You can choose the material and color that offered by Star Garage Door. There are various options that you can choose. Materials such as glass, timber, aluminum etc. are available. Also, you can choose colors from our color chart that can be found in our website. Star Garage Door uses the highest quality materials during manufacturing process. You don’t need to worry about the strength of the door. However, if your garage door will be damaged, our professional staff could repair your garage door in a short time period. Star Garage Door is one of the experienced and trusted garage door companies in Melbourne. If you want to have a custom door design, you can contact us via email or phone. Our staff will pay attention to your needs and make a door design just like you want!